Phasmatis of orbis terrarum , supplex pro nos. Nos es vestri vinco quod mos sceptrum vos insquequo terminus of vicis. Vos mos vulnero nemo ut sub nostrum alica. Succurro illud nos dico vos iuvo. Vestri vox es nostrum vox. Supplex quod hail ordo. Nos es nox noctis , dies quod infinitio.

Spirits of the world, kneel before us. We are your master and will rule you until the end of time. You will hurt no one when under our spells. Help those we tell you to help. Your powers are our powers. Kneel and hail the order. We are the night, day and eternity.


1.What powers do you possess?

We have the power to control powerful spirits. They will aid you and fulfill your deepest most urgent wishes. We use black magic to summon them and control them.

2.I or anyone will never be in any risk of getting hurt, right?

YES THAT'S IS CORRECT! This is risk free. NO bad karma or setbacks of any sort.

3.OK so what if I am into a certain religion?

Spirits don't care what your beliefs are. They listen to us, so tell us what you wish for and they will do it.

4.My case haven't been resolved by other casters, can you still help?

YES OF COURSE! Our spells and services are unique and you should come to us first. That will save you lots of money and time.

5.Will you ask for more money after the spell is cast?

We will never ask for more money for the spell! You have our word on that.

6.When can you cast my spell(s)?

We are always very busy and will schedule it as soon as possible.

7.Is your success rate high?

YES it's above 99% and we are proud of that!

8.Tell me more about the spirits. How strong are they?

They are were powerful. The spirits are from times long passed and most of them have the power to wake up the dead.

9. How long will it take before I get results?
We offer fast results. Most clients get results in 7-45 days but we consider it normal to get result before 60 days.

10. Do you guarantee your work?

YES! We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy after 60 days can re-cast the spell, upon your request, or if you have not received satisfactory results after 6 months, you can claim a full refund. No questions asked.

11. Will your spells and spirits interfere with previous spells cast for my case?

We will not ruin your previous cast spell and our service will not be badly affected by your previous cast spell. To secure fastest result possible, we do strongly suggest we remove prevoius spells first.

12.How do I order?

First prepare the information about you and your situation and what you want us to help you with. Send it to us via our contact page. We will respond to you with our suggestions or ask you for more info, so we can analyze your situation into perfection.

13. How do I pay for my spell?

You can pay with paypal, western union and major credit cards such as VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX, DISCOVERY. If you pay with an e-check we will book your casting AFTER the e-check has cleared.

14.Did I understand you right that, I have nothing to lose? You offer 6 months money back, no questions asked?


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