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Black magick has no bounds or limits, except those that are put in place by the practitioner. It is the Study of Raw Power and of Dark Energies. It stems from an Inherent need to dvelve into the deepest and darkest parts of One’s Self and although it may be dangerous and painful to Realise your Primal fears and desires, it is well worth the effort!


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Magic has no color, spells performed using different kind of magic are termed in as black magic spells or white magic spells. But what exactly is black magic? Is it evil? Is it harmful? There are so many questions that may rise when we speak about black magic and black magic spells. Why do we fear when we hear the word black? I have seen many people looking to take help of magic in their life, but fear when they come across black magic, thus I thought of getting things together and place them in once pot, so that my users can have a more vivid idea on black magic spells.

First magic can never harm anyone. Magic is not made to harm anyone; it only gives out either a positive result or a neutral result, so folks, stop fearing magic. Next black magic spells are those magical spells which are casted after summoning and taking help from nocturnal energies present around us, and since these energies are active during the night time, hence most of the black magic spells are casted after sunset. However this does not mean that black magic spells are casted to harm anyone.

On the contrary I would like to mention that since black magic spells are casted by taking help from the nocturnal energies present during night time, hence these forms of magic is very powerful, strong and gives quick results. Black magic spells are used for a variety of purpose, and it depends on the practitioner or the spell caster and the person who wants those spells to be casted on how will they use the spells.

Many within us have also complained that black magic spells are used to harm or curse someone. Well, that is not exactly the fact as it is projected by others. Like I already mentioned that magic whether black or white cannot harm anyone, hence how will black magic harm someone. It only gives out desired results, which mostly are thought of as if it was a curse. Let us see a brighter side of this, a person visit a spell caster and requests to perform a spell, which will have some effect on another person, and that whatever the person does will not bear any fruit, the black magic spell is thus casted accordingly, with a process in mind, for helping someone in pain and agony like this person is in, but in turn we depict that it was a curse casted using black magic spell for the other person. So friends clear your conception.

Black magic is a powerful magic and spells casted using black magic are bound to show quick result, but there is nothing to get frighten of black magic spells, they are not meant to hurt or harm anyone. Always remember you cannot do bad to others using magic spells, it is just that those spell won’t work if you have a bad intention in mind and cast a black magic spell.

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