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Black magick has no bounds or limits, except those that are put in place by the practitioner. It is the Study of Raw Power and of Dark Energies. It stems from an Inherent need to dvelve into the deepest and darkest parts of One’s Self and although it may be dangerous and painful to Realise your Primal fears and desires, it is well worth the effort!


Our services will NOT give you bad karma or any other unwanted side- effects. Our technique is unique and gives fast accurate results. As we do not cast the black magic on you or any other person, but on spirits, there will be no bad karma or side-effects. It's a safe technique developed by the first members of the Order and is still the only black magic services with no side-effects. CONTACT US NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!


Black magic is different from white magic, that is what most of the people believe, so let us find out today on what are the differences of black magic vs white magic. First it is believed that black magic is dark magic and white magic is benevolent magic, it is also believed that black magic is used to harm someone and white magic is used only for the good of mankind. Practitioners of black magic do not follow any stringent rule or regulation when casting black magic spells, wherein practitioners of white magic follow a straight drawn line of restriction. Black magic is more powerful and is casted using the help of nocturnal energies present during the night time, were by white magic is less powerful compared to black magic and is casted using the help of the energies present during sun light. White magic and black magic both are used to heal, protect, but white magic has its limitations when doing so, especially if the curse or hex has been casted by a black magic practitioner. But black magic goes beyond all loop channels to protect or heal someone.

It is considered that black magic is performed by those who worship Satan were in white magic are performed by priest and fathers who follow the only god. Black magic will include items like dolls, pins, black beads, black oil, and black cloth when a spell is performed, whereas white magic will include holy water, elixirs, charms, amulets. White magic is used to heal and cure the aura from negative effects; whereas black magic is used to bounce back bad spells to the caster or to give pain to others.

Black magic uses invoking different kind of spirits to protect someone and to harm but white magic spell does not take the help of spirits to harm anyone. Spirits are invoked and commanded to attain a certain desired result via black magic, wherein white magic can only use prayers to request the spirit to attain a certain desired result.

Thou the differences between black magic vs white magic is vast and also considered very low, we should understand one thing that magic is after all magic and whether it is black magic or white magic, it is something which happens out of the natural circumstances, hence if you want quick result and permanent result then use the powerful black magic, and if you want temporary and slow time taking result then use white magic.

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