Black magick has no bounds or limits, except those that are put in place by the practitioner. It is the Study of Raw Power and of Dark Energies. It stems from an Inherent need to dvelve into the deepest and darkest parts of One’s Self and although it may be dangerous and painful to Realise your Primal fears and desires, it is well worth the effort!


Our services will NOT give you bad karma or any other unwanted side-effects. Our technique is unique and gives fast accurate results. As we do not cast the black magic on you or any other person, but on spirits, there will be no bad karma or side-effects. It's a safe technique developed by the first members of the Order and is still the only black magic services with no side-effects. CONTACT US NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!


Below you can see what we can help you with. Our type of magic is VERY STRONG and we see no problem in solving hard cases. Many see black magic and spirits as their last resort. We don't! We don't see why you should waste time and money on others that will most likely never be able to give same excellent results as we give.

Read below about our spells and services. You contact us before you order. Just click on the contact button. The fees for our services start at 150 USD. We accept payment through paypal, credit cards and western union.

For all spells below we can do custom work. If you don't see what you are looking for, CONTACT US!

Love Spells

In our solutions for a perfect love life we offer spells to:
  • Get a lover back
  • Make someone love you
  • Break someone up and return your lover
  • Marriage spell
  • Stop divorce spell
  • Sexual attraction
  • Make your sex life better
  • Make your partner better in any way
  • Make someone change sexual disposition
  • Find your soul mate
  • Custom love spells

Money and fortune spells

These spells are to make your life easier. We all work hard in life and deserve some of the good in life:
  • Draw unexpected income
  • Lottery jackpot win
  • Remove debts (credit cards too)
  • Win in gambling (poker, slots etc)
  • Custom money spells

Career spells

Make sure you get that job or promotion you want. We also can help you pass exams and get good grades.

Protection spells

You will now be protected against spells, curses and hexes. Also prevent you from being hurt by unexpected events as terror attacks etc.

Body and beauty spells

  • Change eye color
  • Make skin look and feel better
  • Remove scars
  • Nail/hair
  • Remove / grow hair
  • Skin tone
  • Growing spell
  • Bigger penis spell
  • Bigger breasts spell
  • Custom spell
  • Weight loss spell

Curse, Revenge, Hex

We create custom work to help you get your revenge. Our curses and revenges are the closest thing to hell on earth.

Rare spells

  • Aura & Karma Cleansing and healing
  • Fulfill your Dream Spells
  • Be able to talk to the dead
  • Send a message to the dead
  • Banish unwanted spirits/ghosts

...and more..ask us for custom spells!

Money back guarantee: If your situation isn't solved or you are not 100% satisfied we can re-cast after 60 days or give full refund after 6 months after the spell was cast.

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