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Black magick has no bounds or limits, except those that are put in place by the practitioner. It is the Study of Raw Power and of Dark Energies. It stems from an Inherent need to dvelve into the deepest and darkest parts of One’s Self and although it may be dangerous and painful to Realise your Primal fears and desires, it is well worth the effort!


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Black magic is referred to the use of super natural powers for establishing a self-satisfying purpose, which might intent to hurt others to give you the satisfaction. Black magic is said to exist from that of primitive ages, where the worship of devil and souls prevailed. It is such believed that spirits were worshiped and pleased by offerings made to them, and in turn they would fulfill the wish of the person praying to them. At this primitive age, magic was seen in two parts, which till date we consider it as it is, the black magic and the white magic, were white magic was termed as natural magic which can bring no harm to anyone, on the other hand black magic was considered evil and that it would bring harm to all.

It was such believed that those who practice dark magic or black magic uses rituals to bring out the demon or evil spirits who in turn help them achieve a result. In the modern era though we have learnt a lot hence the difference between white magic and black magic is narrowed down to that of intent rather than actions. It is such believed now that the practitioner uses a form of magic, and it is his or her intent whether he or she wants to hurt someone or help someone.

Different religions were born due to the difference between white magic and black magic. The Satanism is a religion were black magic is performed and practiced, practitioners pray to Satan, wherein Voodoo is a religion were different deities are prayed, these deities are considered to be angels of Satan, similarly Wicca is a religion that is considered to be the white magic religion, since a wiccan has never intended to hurt anyone with their practice of magic.

Thus the history of black magic tends from those of the primitive age and has its root yet in the modern era, where we are now surrounded by technology. Still these occult believe is believed on and practice is benevolent in most of the parts of the world. Each part having its own distinct meaning and belief, but after all what they practice is magic be it black magic or white magic. Different people have now adopted different forms of black magic and are practicing it their own way. At the end what is desired is an outcome of the black magic performed.

Yet we all should realize that black magic practitioners have gone a way ahead to help people using black magic and hence the taboo related to the meaning of black magic is changing as days are passing by.

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