Phasmatis of orbis terrarum , supplex pro nos. Nos es vestri vinco quod mos sceptrum vos insquequo terminus of vicis. Vos mos vulnero nemo ut sub nostrum alica. Succurro illud nos dico vos iuvo. Vestri vox es nostrum vox. Supplex quod hail ordo. Nos es nox noctis , dies quod infinitio.

Spirits of the world, kneel before us. We are your master and will rule you until the end of time. You will hurt no one when under our spells. Help those we tell you to help. Your powers are our powers. Kneel and hail the order. We are the night, day and eternity.

There are caster and psychics who envy us and dispise us for the secrets we don't share. We have unique powers that no other spell caster can offer. The real spirit black magic are only possessed within the order. We were formed 700 years ago and we have never been this strong before. Both in numbers and in strength. For you, this is good news. Now we can give better and faster help than ever!



I cannot speak much about us as our secrecy must be kept. We work with the most interesting and powerful of all magic arts: Spirits.

Spirits are categorized into many sub categories. We are focused on Genies, Ghouls and "Magick spirits". We summon them with dark energies, also known as black magic. Even though we work with spirits and black magic, you or anyone around you will never be at any risk. We are skilled professionals and we have committed our lives for this art.

My name is High Spirit-Priestess Faera and I am the leader of the Order. We are 30 devoted spell casters who always give 100% to make the client satisfied. As a leader I seldom take your case personally but when I find that you have great need of my expertize, you will get the response from me personally.


I suggest you take a look at the FAQ presented on our site. Also take your time and read what some of our clients have to say.

We believe a happy client is a client who got 100% results.

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